:: UPDATE: 7.29.14 ::

Having lived in Sugarhouse for 5 years, I have a big place in my heart for Salt Lake City. There’s this secret part of the city that doesn’t really look like anywhere else in Utah. It reminds me  so much of where I grew up on the East coast. I intend to move back there eventually. My brother recently purchased an old home the past month. While it’s vacant, he was nice enough to let me use it to shoot a video. It had some hauntingly beautiful rooms. Part charming/part horror film. I’d say the perfect combination for a video.




I played a wedding in Ogden a couple weeks ago and met some new friends Bri & Jan. They are a married couple that are starting to dive into photography and making videos. We talked briefly about doing one together. Luckily they were available last night. We ended up making something very special. It’s hard doing most of these videos on my own. It’s so nice to work with others. Especially wonderful people, who love what they do. This one will be quite different than the usual ones I post. Can’t wait for you all to see it.



(photo credit: Bri & Jan Robbins)


:: UPDATE: 7.26.14 ::

I was fortunate to do a photo shoot for “Forest Eyes” with my friend Arash Armin yesterday. An incredibly talented and kind soul. We drove up to outskirts of Cottonwood Canyon and found a canvas of green. I never mentioned what the original Kickstarter image looked like. He chose a place almost identical. There have been coincidences through the whole process of making of this record. I guess it’s the universe telling that I’m in the right place.


photo 1

This setting had the characteristics of Oregon, Washington, I mean it could even have been in Virginia. You couldn’t necessarily pin down that it was a Utah location. It was perfect. So the day continued like a hike, pointing out different areas. Along the way we had many positive talks of music, life and the beautiful place we live. He brought along music, mostly instrumental with a little bit of Sigur Ros mixed in.


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It’s the first time I’ve been shot with film in 10 years. You might remember Corey Fox’s photos for “Some Place New”. Arash’s photo’s will be so complementary to Josh’s recordings. He took as much care with the their quality as Mr.James did with the songs. A perfect match.


:: UPDATE: 7.24.14 ::

Over the past few years you may have asked “Where did the looping go?”

I have a love/hate relationship with Looping.

I still believe looping will never sound as good as a full band. No matter how great the pedals are. No matter how good backing tracks can sound. Nothing is better than performing with a tight full band that plays different instruments. It’s the human element that makes it groove so well. Different people with different approaches, thriving off each other. It also turns people into zombies at shows. They don’t move the same as they do to a 6 piece band. They tend to stare and wonder what crazy thing you’re going to do next. They even hesitate to clap, cause they aren’t sure the song is over.




That being said, a one-man-band can really set you apart. It can give a voice more room to breathe. There is a wow factor when you watch someone make all the sounds themselves and build it up. This is why I constantly go back and forth depending on I feel in the moment. There needs to be a balance. I’ve watched many people who let the loop pedal take over their live set. They end up barely singing, and the repetition can put the crowd in a coma. Songs end up surpassing 10 minutes in length. The song should stand on it’s own. The voice should stand on it’s own. The loops should just bring it all together. I feel like over the past 14 years of phrase recording, that I have found that balance.

I’ll be doing it more frequently…no promises…but it might just be here to stay.


:: UPDATE: 7.19.14 ::

It is truly Wedding Season. 15 years of playing weddings and I can honestly say I have only recently warmed up to the idea of being a wedding singer. Weather permitting:) It’s a very big change, when normally center stage, to become part of the scenery. Lately, the sound has been so dialed in and people have been so pleasant to play for. It’s an interesting perspective to be sitting down, playing music while you watch family & friends interact. A strange mixture of awkwardness and joyousness. The flustered wedding planners, the emotional parents, the matching bride mades and over zealous best men. And of corse lets not forget the ever distracted bride & groom simply going through the motions and customs to just get finally out of there. And then there’s me, providing the soundtrack to this beautiful chaos we call weddings.



(photo credit: Bri & Jan Robbins)

But I can honestly admit, I’m starting to love these things. What an honor to be asked to play such a huge event in peoples lives. Usually I play a requested list of songs, but lately they have been asking for originals, which means the world to me. The question remains: If/when I have a wedding of my own, will I play? Lets just say I’m not really planning on it:)


:: UPDATE: 7.12.14 ::

Happiness is truly a state of mind. Something has changed the past couple months. I can’t stop smiling at shows. It’s contagious. First, the “Stadium Of Fire Finals”, then the last night of Velour. It was the first time I can remember every member of the band grinning throughout the show. Last night was the same thing. Lately, I wake up every morning and think about what I’m grateful for: A loving family, this beautiful place, and I get to do what I love for a living. Best of all, I get to play for you. “Give me a guitar and a song to sing and you will find the happiest of souls”. And for that I am so thankful.



(Photo credit: Jenks)


:: UPDATE: 7.7.14 ::

How has your Summer been going? I hope you all had a relaxing and eventful 4th of July weekend. This has certainly been a challenging season for Allred. A lot of chances were taken and I thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin. Online contests, and auditions can be a strange and stressful time.


John Allred Velour 6.20

(Photo credit: Mindy Barton)

I’m excited to finally announce “Forest Eyes” will be released September 2nd. A full length album recorded and produced with Joshua James. Many close friends and family have said it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Although it’s 6 months later than promised, It’s a very special record to me and I want to take the time to do it right. I’m looking forward to seeing how far we can take this thing. Here’s to living and sharing a dream. Hopefully, I will see you all real soon. Until then take care. - Johnny Tentative Shows have been booked for Rexburg, Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo, Cedar CitySt.George and Las Vegas for September/October. Any places we’re forgetting? If you would like Allred to play your high school, college, venue or private event please email me: